I’m Fabien Loup. I’m a Senior Ruby Developer at Silverfin.

Prior to that, I worked for Pisano, a software company in Istanbul. Before that I was a freelance software developer and mostly worked with Belgian team mates for Belgian customers. A long time ago, I graduated and then worked as an Electronics Engineer in my home country, Switzerland.

I currently work for Silverfin, a company that provides many useful tools for Accounting firms. Since I work remotely, and my wife and I aren’t sure about where to live, we are moving around Europe at the moment.

I like to Hitchhike around Europe with my friends. If you are also a Hitchhiker or traveler and want a bed in Istanbul, contact me on Trustroots.

I’m norydev on the Internets. As people ask me what “norydev” means: it’s an anagram of my hometown.