I’m Fabien Loup. I’m a Freelance Software Engineer.

I can help your project, company, startup or just provide consulting for your ideas. I have worked with founders building their MVPs, tiny startups, growing startups, scale-ups and larger companies. I can write code, and I can also take a architectural/technical lead position, whatever the needs are.

My strongest technical skills are in Ruby (on and off Rails) and relational databases - in particular PostgreSQL. I’m also proficient in frontend JavaScript/TypeScript and pretty up-to-date with the latest frameworks. Other than that, I have enough Ops skills to be dangerous, and can pretty much tag along on any project or technology. I have been part of many international teams, including in a lead position.

My style is definitely oriented towards Quality™ and long-term thinking, in all aspects of work (and life). That being said, I know where to make trade-offs and I will take pride in documenting every corner that has to be cut for reasons.

I can work in English or French. I’m only considering fully remote contracts at the moment. If you are interested in working with me, contact me on LinkedIn.

What does “norydev” mean? It’s an anagram of my hometown.